Subterranean Cosmic Dreaming Part 2: Creating a Museum of Futurology

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Lesley Morris
Jill Westwood


‘Subterranean Cosmic Dreaming Part 2’ is a film-assemblage that explores aspects of the experiences, images, and collective dreaming that unfolded in the process of creating a ‘temporary wild museum of futurology’ on the shores of the Thames at Shoeburyness, as part of the Estuary Festival Associated Programme 2021. As Art Psychotherapists, guided by a posthuman, new materialist perspective and trusting art as a process of inquiry we move towards deepening our understanding of materiality, time, space, and place in a process of diffraction as a form of critical consciousness (Barad, 2007).

Artwork in the form of a Film accessed on YouTube: Subterranean Cosmic Dreaming Part 2

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